How Bar Stools Because a Staple Part of 2014 Interior Design

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Growing up in the 1980s life seemed be a lot more care free, with no real concessions to health and safety – for example, there was certainly no personal injury laws to speak of.  Parents smoked in the home, in the car, kids were allowed out all day with no fear of being snatched off the street – was life more dangerous? Probably not in reality, but it seems that way looking back now.  Another aspect to 1980s life I look back on fondly, is my parents mini-bar that they had in the lounge, replete with stainless steel bar stools and authentic beer mats and towels.  Looking back its quite funny, as the bar was arranged in the corner of the living room, looking completely out of the place with the three bar stools set against it.

Bar Stools Making a Come Back

The reason I recollect this today, is because I spent the day talking to a guy who runs a successful business selling bar stools in the UK.  He imports them from abroad, and then sells them online for a profit, and makes a very good living out of it from his website (, which came as a surprise to me because I really thought that the bar stool in the home was a relic of the 1980s, but by all accounts they have come back in fashion with a vengeance recently are selling like proverbial hotcakes.

If you visit his website you’ll probably be surprised at the sheer range of different bar stools that you can get for your home. He features kitchen bar stools, designer bar stools, commercial bar stools… and then ones you probably would set up in an interior design piece made with leather, brushed steel, and other items.  Some are funky bar stools, some are retro bar stools – there’s no real limit to the design and the website has something like nearly 400 different models available.

dn-barstool-exampleAnyhow, I digress.  The reason I started this blog post was because I was interested to see how the design of bar stools had changed over the years since the 1980s when my parents had their own mini-bar at home.  In truth, you can still buy the old school versions made from stainless steel (or cheap aluminium alternative in my parents’ case) with the faux black leather seat.  Generally speaking though, the design of the humble bar stools itself hasn’t changed much; they still are structured in a similar manner.  However, some of the more modern and funky ones have a few added features which set them apart from their 1980’s predecessors.

Examples of new design trends are the cantilever brackets on the rear which help with adjusting the height of the bar stool, bucket seat designs, and even some which now have drinks holders on them and digital displays for massage settings – completely different to how the bar stools of the 1980s used to operate.

If you pick up any interior design magazine, for example House and Garden, these days you will probably find at least one design photograph where bar stools have been used. Mainly they have become more popular in kitchen design, rather than there being a modern trend for mini-bars in the lounge area (this seems be very much left behind a few decades ago thankfully).

So to conclude, it looks like I am actually going to acquire some bar stools of my own.  I promise that I am not going to try to re-create some horrible bar from our 1980s Tenerife family holiday – instead I am going to try and create something that looks like this:


This is how I want my kitchen to look – complete with bar stools! Image copyright of this guy here

Cool huh! In truth, it might never happen as my wife has larger and bigger plans for me and my next DIY job but a man can only dream – I just wish I could’ve found a photos of my parent’s min-bar circa 1984 – I do though, I will post it here for a laugh.


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