8 Important T-shirt Design Tips

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Are you interested in t-shirt design or becoming a t-shirt designer but you don’t know where to start? If your answer is yes, this article is for you. T-shirts can easily qualify as the most popular types of clothing worldwide. Knowing how to design t-shirts can therefore be very lucrative venture if you are able to perfect the art. Below are 8 important tips/steps to get you started on the right path.


1. Take time developing and exploring your concept: This is undoubtedly one of the most important tips to consider if you want to become a pro t-shirt designer. Most upcoming designers fail during this stage. If you want to develop cool t-shirts that attract instant attention, you must take time developing and exploring your concept/s. It is advisable to take as much time as you need creating a number of variations. You can travel, go for long walks, brainstorm e.t.c. to get inspiration and come up with your own unique concepts and a few variations of those concepts. This tip is important for ensuring you come up with well thought out t-shirt design concepts that are unmatched in terms of uniqueness and creativity among other factors.


shirt202. Imagine your concept as a design on a t-shirt: This is the next step to consider after developing and exploring your concepts. This step is important for materializing your concept/s. It is important to note that concepts are useless if they can’t be imagined and transformed into tangible products. This applies to everything including Christian apparel. Considering you are free to interpret your concept in whichever way you see fit, you shouldn’t have a problem visualising your concepts as designs on t-shirts.


3. Prepare the actual design while paying attention to detail: After imagining your concepts as designs, you shouldn’t have a problem coming up with actual designs. During this step, it is important to make your designs as detailed as possible because people appreciate attention to detail. Including as much detail as possible also makes your designs authentic and hard to copy. It is however important to note that simplicity can also result in classic t-shirt designs. Such occurrences are however rare.


4. Consider your target market: After preparing your blueprint, the next step is considering your target market. For instance, you need to consider if you are targeting men/women, young/old e.t.c. This is a very important consideration because it helps you choose the different types of t-shirts that are appropriate to your target market i.e. long-sleeved, short sleeved, cap sleeves, v-neck, crew neck, tank tops e.t.c.


5. Use subtle humour: This is a very important tip to consider when you want to incorporate humour in your t-shirt designs. It is important to note that the most successful humour t shirts have subtle humour however loud the designs may be. You must therefore ensure your t shirts don’t come across as cheap joke t shirts. You can do this by ensuring you strike a balance to avoid being offensive or triggering passiveness.


6. Consider colour: Colour plays a very important role in t shirt design. You must therefore consider using t shirt colours effectively i.e. by incorporating complementary colours. You can consider using Adobe illustrator to have access to global colours. With such a tool, you can be able to come up with any restricted colours you can think off. Having different t-shirts designs in different colours helps a lot in creating variety.


7. Prepare your artwork perfectly: Pantone colours are the best for screen printing. The colours are also perfect if you have outlined text. Preparing your artwork should also include having your preferred program in place i.e. Photoshop or Illustrator. It is important to note that there are very many readily available tutorials on t-shirt printing using the above programs among many others. You shouldn’t therefore encounter problems preparing your artwork.


8. Use a good printer: This is another important tip/step to consider when you want to design t-shirts like a pro. After finishing your design/s and preparing your artwork, you have to use a good printer to get good results. Your choice of a good printer will depend on many factors i.e. the type of t-shirt you are printing on, the type of colours/ink you want to use, the number of t-shirts you want to print e.t.c. You should take all this into consideration including the cost to ensure you end up with perfect finished products produced in a cost effective manner.